by Bloodkin

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    The first Bloodkin project produced by David Barbe. The beginning of a long collaboration. This record includes such long-standing, live Bloodkin staples as "Wet Trombone Blues", "Who Do You Belong To?", "Yeah" and "Tennessee Williams". Featuring guest appearances by Michael Houser, Todd Nance, John Hermann, Dave Blackmon, Moe Tucker of Velvet Underground fame, and others!

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This was a transitional time for the band, particularly in the sense that different drummers were passing through. We were looking for some solid ground, and we found it first in the form of our manager and dear friend Zac Weil, who secured the financing for this project, and second in the production and all-around creative collaboration of David Barbe. We recorded this at his then-brand-new recording studio, Chase Park Transduction, a place that proved to be the real deal. It's been our studio home ever since.


released September 5, 1999

Produced by David Barbe.
Recorded and mixed on scattered dates, August 1997 through August 1998 at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA.
Mastered by Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse, Duluth, GA.

All songs written by Daniel Hutchens
except "Taboo", "Wet Trombone Blues" and "Transfusion (the magic show)", written by Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter
and "Tennessee Williams", written by Daniel Hutchens and Chris Barrineau.
All songs published by Wet Trombone Music BMI.

Photos by Chris Patras.
Graphics by Michael Lachowski for Candy.

Daniel Hutchens--vocal, guitar, harmonica
Eric Carter--guitar, dobro, backing vocal
David Barbe--keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, guitar, bass
Chris Barrineau--bass
Dave Blackmon--mandolin on "Never In Vain"
Jack Dawson--drums
John Hermann--keyboards on "Yeah" and "Transfusion (the magic show)"
Michael Houser--electric guitar and mandolin on "Wet Trombone Blues"
Kevin Leahy--drums
Todd Nance--percussion on "Taboo"
William Tonks--dobro on "Lifer"
Moe Tucker--backing vocal on "Lifer"
Jay Wilson--keyboards on "Who Do You Belong To?" and "Something To Say"



all rights reserved
Track Name: Never in Vain

we labor in obscurity
but never in vain
play our hearts out in this dirty little bar
never in vain
now we're sleepwalking through the soundcheck
turn 'em all up to 10
I'm wondering if tonight
we'll make it fly again

I love this ghost we're chasing
patterns we keep tracing
scattered and strange
never in vain

it's like screaming in a deaf ear sometimes
but never in vain
unspendable riches and secret fame
never in vain
if the van breaks down tomorrow
just more of the same
we'll beg and steal and borrow
make it fly again


I do admit it's hurting my feelings
we're going broke while everybody's stealing
but we made a new friend, gonna let us all spend the night
never in vain

looks like a drowsy old crowd tonight boys
but we're never in vain
wake 'em up time to make a little noise
never in vain
we're tripping all over our destiny
don't it look like rain
and there's really no place I would rather be
never in vain


if the van breaks down tomorrow
if the van breaks down tomorrow
make it fly
if the van breaks down tomorrow
and if the band breaks down tomorrow
Track Name: Taboo

the cops are in the basement
and the roof is leaking blood
nobody paid the power bill
nobody paid the judge
it's been the loudest summer
I could never get no sleep
but I brushed up on my knife throwing
stuck one into next week

hey, the truth is the truth
but the law is the law
taboo is taboo
but I know what I saw

I bought illegal medicine
at the Cantina yesterday
it was not hashish or cocaine
it was a ripped out Bible page
I heard the rumor going around
the narc is going to die
looks like somebody's finding out
somebody's telling lies


I got a monkey on my back
and he looks just like me
looks like a fight right to the finish
one of us got to be free
the funny thing about a prison
is you lock yourself
take a lot of little steps down
then you bitch about how far you fell


so I pray for my enemies
but I take good care of my own
the faces I call family
the four walls where I make my home
and that's the spot where I am standing
and I'm telling you the truth
that ain't as easy as it sounds
try for yourself see how you do
try letting it loose
and good luck to you baby too


I told the truth one time
Track Name: Wet Trombone Blues

when the rain comes down on your small town
and you're too tired to sleep
it's too late to ask any hanging judge
where the water's gonna get too deep
you can call up your circus friends and make some plans
try to find peace of mind in the desert sun
but the rain's been found to move around
anywhere your hat is hung

good luck I think you're gonna need it
when you're caught out in the storm
I ain't no detective don't come begging to me
when it rains on your trombone
your drummers they will shut up
and your majorettes will all run home
the lightning will lash and the rain will drop down
all over your trombone

you can push your parade through that howling desert
better keep one eye on the sky
when the clouds swell up with their big grey skulls
I don't know where you're gonna hide
and your strongman won't be no help at all
and your clowns their makeup will run
and your elephants will shiver, baby
and your pink ballerinas will wither
you'll wish you'd stayed in the cellar


everybody gets tired of waiting here
everybody tosses while they sleep
everybody screams or swims
when the water gets too deep
so you can stay or you can go
you'll find the same old stop sign on every street
and angels will laugh at you
when you trade your soul for meat

Track Name: Who Do You Belong To?

who do you belong to
I'm sure it's not yourself
who do you sing love songs to
'cause you sing them all day long
but that's not your voice
not as far as I can tell

you're on your own this time
the doctor said to the dying man
yes and honey that's just the way you make me feel
each time you let go of my hand
you let go of my hand and that ain't right


honey I saw you looking in the mirror
and you acted so surprised
each time I'm ready to get near you
you always close your eyes
you always close your eyes and that ain't right


bad blood flows out and never stops
it turns the bridge between us into sand
last night your best friend called the cops on me
then laid the receiver in your hand
she laid it right into your hand and that ain't right

Track Name: Yeah

that morning I fell asleep
beneath the willow tree
had a big dream when I woke up
you were there with me
you broke that little silver chain
off from around my neck
I told you, Darling,
I've got no one to protect

and you said, Yeah yeah yeah
that's the way it always goes
round and round she spins
and where she stops nobody knows

we went walking down
along that flashing river
you touched my stomach
and I sure did start to shiver
you tied a dreamcatcher around
every arrow in my quiver
I told you, Darling
I don't know where to deliver


that first winter your brother really worked my nerves
every joint I'd sneak into
he'd be there drinking he couldn't quit singing
them crack-up alarm clock blues
one night I had a big dream
I guess I was only learning
I saw a series of portraits he painted
of you and me sleeping tossing turning


half way across the river
the boat began to crack
I threw them oars overboard
and I begged you to scratch my back
you just kept laughing
you said, Well I guess we're doing alright
then we kinda moved in close
and watched them oars drift out of sight


I woke up again in your canopy bed
I didn't have nothing left to lose
I heard your daddy in the kitchen bitchin'
What the hell did I do with my shoes
you were on the back porch
you were sweeping off some ice
you always work so hard
but you always look so nice

and I say Yeah...(chorus)
Track Name: Tennessee Williams

baby cross your fingers
baby witch us up some luck
you know if it's good if it's good enough
it's sure gotta be tough
but I swear my God my Angel
I'm going with you when you fall
don't believe don't believe the bad news
some fools love to talk
they love to talk

just like something out of Tennessee Williams
when you're sassin' that way at me
hey we're crackin' up beneath the branches
of that old half-dead shade tree

you could give me a call sometime
on your powder blue princess phone
it ain't no good for somebody like you
to spend the summertime all alone
so do you want to pass the red wine
over here from your tongue to mine
don't believe don't believe the bad news
some fools love to lie
they love to lie


I know you're not right
hey ain't we all not right sometimes
it's gonna be a long night
before the Sunday morning chimes
church bell chimes

I could wear your makeup
I could wear your jewelry too
I could dress it up for you
like them Crescent City boys all used to do
but I swear my God my Angel
I'm going down with you when you fall
don't believe don't believe the bad news
some fools they ain't going no place at all

Track Name: Lifer

I was playing this joint before they were born
I ain't no civilian ain't no greenhorn
we stay open from dusk til dawn
I'll be here singing long after they're gone
long after they're gone

I know you're hurting I know it's hard
but don't come around here showing off your scars
we all got whipped got a few of our own
they're crossing my back like a roadmap son

hey but I don't want to cuss my fate and moan
just want to get my life's work done
listen here buddy for your information
I signed on for the duration

we've all had to slave we've all had to sweat
we've all done a few things we'd rather forget
but that's what happens when a war is on
you keep your gun clean if you ever wanta see home
if you ever wanta see home

I never went to college I never had a job
but I never had to beg or gamble or rob
money don't mean nothing on the front line
you just keep your eyes open keep marking time


we stay open from dusk til dawn
I'll be here singing long after they're gone...
Track Name: Something To Say

flashbacks and bad trips I'm dreaming
'bout when I thought I was high as a bird
so many loud voices were screaming
I couldn't make out a word

but true love has something to say
and you love you're talking that way

I was bitching and moaning and blaming
I got my receipt talk is cheap
this morning I'm learning to listen
and your voice is so sweet


(first verse)


you have something to say
Track Name: Transfusion (the magic show)
TRANSFUSION (the magic show)

yes I want a transfusion
I don't mind an illusion
if it helps me through another day
there's no price I would not pay
when my life gets too real
I can't move I can't feel
that's when I need a little make believe
and I always got one up my sleeve

let's go
to the magic show
baby I wanta go
to the magic show

when I'm down on my sickbed
and my soul is solid lead
I hold my breath and I close my eyes
and I teach myself how to fly
just like I did a thousand times before
but I need one more
it's getting harder every time
but heaven's always worth the climb


yes I want a transfusion
I don't mind a little bruising
if I'm hung over on the next day
that's a price I'm glad to pay
I pull a rabbit from my tophat
saw a sweet young lady in half
and the crowd is never certain
if she's in one piece behind the curtain

Track Name: Little Blinking Lights

a Baptist church on the bad side of town
me and my high school friends would sneak into at night
behind the pulpit we would pass the joint around
and fill our minds with little blinking lights
you see the mirror ball a-spinning
the first time in your life you get it right
the first time it's alright

me and Carson Jones we started up a band
we practiced in a warehouse and we debuted down the street
not much of a turn out but we didn't turn around
because the music filled our minds
with little blinking lights
you see the mirror ball a-spinning
the first time in your life you get it right
the first time it's alright

it's alright living and loving the glow
living and loving the glow
it's alright living and loving the glow
living and loving the glow yeah

now I am older and I know the world is round
I know that heaven is the dirt beneath my feet
born in your bedroom so I dream until I drown
because you're filling up my mind
with little blinking lights
I see the mirror ball a-spinning
and the party's just beginning
the first time in my life I get it right
the first time it's alright