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Making this first "official" record was our real-world equivalent of going to school. An education money can't buy. We worked with the legendary producer Johnny Sandlin (whose credits include the Allman Brothers, Eddie Hinton, and so many more), at his home studio in Decatur, Alabama. We stayed for weeks at a time in a little condo he supplied for his bands, and jumped in the deep end of the Recording Studio pool. Didn't come up for air for long stretches of was a new experience, strange and exciting, and sometimes tedious, too...all the highs and lows. And like I said, it was school. Johnny taught us how to do it. It was a rare privilege.
-Daniel Hutchens


released September 12, 1994

Produced by Johnny Sandlin.
Recorded and mixed at Duck Tape Music Studio in Decatur, AL,
September 1993 through February 1994.
Mastered by Denny Purcell at Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN.
Photography by Terry Allen.
Cover design by Keith Bennett.

All songs written by Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter
except "Quarter Tank of Gasoline", "Success Yourself", "Swallow Fire", "Leave It Alone" and "Looking for Something To Steal", written by Daniel Hutchens.
All songs published by Wet Trombone Music BMI.

The band:
Daniel Hutchens--vocals, guitars
Eric Carter--guitars, backing vocals
Chris Barrineau--bass
Jack Dawson--drums

Featuring additional performances by:

Widespread Panic
(John Bell--vocals
Michael Houser--guitar
Dave Schools--bass
Todd Nance--drums
John Hermann--keyboards
Domingo S. Ortiz--percussion)

Mickey Buckins--percussion
Roger Hawkins--drums on "Leave It Alone"
David Hood--bass on "Leave It Alone"
Jay Wilson--keyboards on "Leave It Alone"

Cassandra Ayers, Scott Boyer, Karen Estill, Conny Jackson, Jennifer Knight--backing vocals on "New Horse and Carriage"



all rights reserved
Track Name: Preacherman

I can save your soul
I can heal your mind
I can shake your body
in 4/4 time
I got good intentions
up my sleeve
but before I touch you
you must allow yourself to believe

I'm your preacherman
I'm your good good shepherd
any mask you ask for
I'm your perfect stranger

gonna paint my face
gonna put on a show
glitter and lipstick
and a few good card tricks
by the time I'm finished
whether you like it or not
you're gonna recognize my face
like an old friend you just forgot


I can promise you power
my work is guaranteed
flesh and blood your insurance
I will die to supply your need
then I rise up from ashes
repay you for your faith
kiss you til your lips they burn
then I'll tell you my real name


gonna write your fortune
gonna read your stars
gonna dance in rhythm
to the beating of your heart
gonna change your bedsheets
predict your dreams
there ain't no kind of nightmare
I have not already seen

Track Name: #1 Good Luck Charm

here's my ragdoll
keeps me warm
here's my dry bone
in the storm
pick it up and
you might see
nothing else will
set you free

sing along it's such
a simple tune
listen close and
you might want to make it soon
if you're weary
here's your bed
if you're begging, baby,
right here I got your bread

here's my number one good luck charm
go ahead and try it on
I got plenty to go around
a fresh supply in every town

you won't find it
in a pill
you won't never
drink your fill
you won't need no
kind of money down
no monkey suit or
white wedding gown


here's your color
right here I got your sound
pick it up or
go ahead and throw it down
be before you choose
I surely hope you see
nothing else is
ever gonna set you free

Track Name: Take It Back

I never seem to make decisions
til the sky is falling down
I sent you off in the wrong direction
now I want you back around

I showed you a suicidal temper
the Devil's share of pride
but now I can show you I've been changing
if you'll just follow me inside

and I will take it back, what I said
I take it back because I'd rather be dead
I take it back, anything I said
I take it back because I'd rather be dead

I never knew what you were thinking
your bedroom door was always closed
but you played your music loud
that was all I needed to know

and when you sang your voice was naked
and your body began to shine
until the beast I saw in your eyes
spilled over into mine


last night when I turned on the radio
heard a blue old song about regret
I swear I could have written it for you
I still ain't shed that skin quite yet

Track Name: Quarter Tank of Gasoline

I've got a quarter tank of gasoline
I've got a stomach full of regret
I've got some strange girl passed out in my passenger seat
she wouldn't give me nothing on a bet
no she wouldn't even tell me her name
or where she wants to go
that's alright the best laid plans are always lies
and I've been a hitchhiker too, yes yes
I've been a hitchhiker too

my rearview mirror is cracked my spare tire is flat
and my jacket is stained oil brown
we've still got 200 miles to that Florida state line
when we get there we'll just turn around
I've got a picture of my mother in my pocket
I'm doing 85 an hour mighty smooth
I've got my methedrine in my glove compartment
I've got a prayer written on the bottom of my shoe, yes yes
I've got a prayer written on the bottom of my shoe

and I've got these ghosts all over my windshield
they're getting so thick I can barely see
I wonder what it is she keeps dreaming about
she looks like someone who used to mean my world to me
yes we used to flirt and kiss
we were sharper than a bottle of bathtub gin
that was a long time ago, now there's a country song playing slow
on the radio and the static's cutting in, yes yes
on the radio and the static's cutting in

I've got a quarter tank of gasoline
I've got a stomach full of regret
I've got this strange girl passed out in my passenger seat
she wouldn't give me nothing on a bet
but now she's starting to wake up
I was wondering if she was still alive
and the way she's smiling, she's a cute little orphan
and I think she wants to drive, yes yes
I believe she wants to drive
Track Name: Privilege

fast black Pontiac headspins
Neal Cassady rides again
Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain
on the street corner begging for spare change
Billy The Kid with a black guitar
on the stage in a rock and roll bar
rope burns around his neck
waiting to see what happens next

and you see what you see
you see how much you can take of it
drink it all down
get a little drunk 'cause that's your privilege

find a girl who's young and firm
go to church and marry her
a guy named Charlie is the chaplain
first the honeymoon then the fun begins
late movies on TV
patriotic poverty
working hard for a big backyard
and barbecues on Sunday


we were getting high on the 4th of July
with a prostitute who plays the flute
she's a wine taster famous painter
she dresses up like the Jack of Spades
she's a psycho killer prescription filler
she's a mad big mean roller derby queen
she's an alcoholic who just can't solve it
she's a transvestite housewife


dollar sign messiah
cash register bible
fast food salvation
God is Ronald McDonald
gimme a Christ burger with resurrection sauce
and a Virgin Mary milkshake
crucifixion french fries
to go could you put that in a bag

Track Name: Swallow Fire

my black jacket
don't make me no streetfighter
your long fingernails
don't make you no movie star
we better shed our skins
and find out who we're hiding
I don't think I want to take
the waiting anymore

if you're afraid to fall
you'll never walk the wire
if you're afraid to burn
you'll never swallow fire

you don't have to be
the hush-hush around this town
you don't need those kind of people
pounding at your door
you don't have to carry
the world on your skinny shoulders
you don't have to be your daddy's
Barbie doll no more


and if you're afraid to drown
you'll never walk on water
you must want to be something more
than just a rich man's daughter

there's a circus playing
on the edge of town tonight
we can go and watch
the clowns bleed by moonlight
then we'll climb in my dark car and drive
won't even think about where we're going
just like the river don't stop flowing
we're better off not knowing

Track Name: Can't Get High

I've been driving all day
I've been shaking it loose
it's been raining for hours
I've been spilling my juice
nothing means nothing
and I couldn't care less
now that you're gone
I can't even guess

I got snakes in my cellar
got your bloodstains in my bed
I got bombs in the closet
painted cherry red
I feel like a mad scientist
I got loose change in my head
nothing but trouble these days
I eat your bullets in my bread

now that you're gone
I'm sober every night
I can't get high
no I can't get it right

I'm violently romantic
I'm on a seven day binge
I'm losing my gamble
but I bet you I'll get my revenge
you got me thinking 'bout thunder
that just made me mad again
I'm soaking up electricity
like cocaine and gin


I got a rotten sweet tooth
I got vampire thighs
I got Lucifer lips
I got angelic eyes
I got sacred disease
I ain't never been denied
I got a perfect record
I got a clever disguise


I hallucinated a green light
and I slammed on my gas
my performance ain't perfect
but it's loud and it's fast
I set sail for the new world
and I burned down the mast
it wasn't the first time
and I bet you it won't be the last

Track Name: Looking for Something to Steal

I'm going into town today
never been more ready to play
let's see what my man can give me away
because I'm not in the position to pay
I'm looking for something to steal
I'm looking for something to steal

I'm going to some girl's apartment
gassing up the heavy equipment
hoping for a high speed accident
but I don't want to make a commitment
I'm looking for something to steal
I'm looking for something to steal

it ain't no fun
if it don't come easy
it ain't no fun
if it don't come free, well, I know
it ain't no fun
if it don't come easy
it ain't no fun
if it don't come

I'm kicking through the garbage dump
while the watchman's out to lunch
I'm picking out my favorite junk
Goddamn I'm just about pumped
I'm looking for something to steal
I'm looking for something to steal

Track Name: Leave It Alone

there's nothing left inside me, honey
you can call your own
no one you can talk to here
no place that feels like home
you better leave it alone
you better leave it all alone

there's nothing left that I possess
you'll ever want to steal
no landmark you can recognize
no bargain and no good deal
you better leave it alone
you better leave it all alone

because we don't want to press our luck
maybe make that well run dry
we know we both been betting on rain
but there ain't a cloud in the sky
so how can I convince you
you'll be richer by yourself
your good faith only makes me poor
please spend it someplace else

I got no good dreams to paint your sleep
no place to rest your head
tonight you'd better go on home
and cry in your own bed
you better leave it alone
you better leave it all alone

how many tough miles have we traveled
like bandits side by side
but now our boots are wearing thin
we're feeling so dissatisfied
you better leave it alone
you better leave it all alone


the carnival is leaving town
we never got to go
but I have been your fire eater
you've been my whole goddamned sideshow
you better leave it alone
you better leave it all alone

the next time I think of you
I'll be staying in a blue motel
I'll wonder about how you're cutting your hair
I'll prob'ly even wish you well
let's leave it alone
let's leave it all alone

Track Name: Success Yourself

success yourself, success yourself
and offer up the sacrifice
there's too much money to be made
you're sleeping in a big boy's bed tonight

you're off the list, buddy
you're never gonna make the Top 40
nobody knows your name
you ought to hang your head in shame


crawl up there on the stage
and shout your own name out loud
paint on a pretty face
and babble insults at the crowd

success yourself


there's no risk and there's no shame
we're just teaching you the rules of the game
bend over and earn your pay
you're gonna be a star someday

success yourself
Track Name: New Horse and Carriage

"welcome to hell" the barmaid said
"you've sure got a lot to learn
I'm gonna pour you a strong one now
so you better get ready to burn"

the medicine you swallow
won't never put you on your feet
mighty easy to fool yourself
when the taste is always sweet

Mama says there's always a new horse and carriage
coming down the road
Mama says wake up and ride while you can
put down your heavy load

the shadow where you're standing
I used to stand there too
and no I don't mind saying
I got a little bit darker than you

so straighten up your spine
slap yourself across the face
the dead end you've been driving to
it ain't such a big disgrace


the trick is to keep dreaming
while you're still awake
the trick is tying a knot
in the rattlesnake

the trick is distracting yourself
so your heart won't believe it's breaking
trying so hard not to notice
maybe you've been betrayed


like a bellydancer in a wheelchair
like a confession from death row
you've got the best intentions
all dressed up no place to go

so it's time to put on the makeup
because you're acting like a clown
when falling in love means failure
you won't want yourself around


here it comes hallelujah
Track Name: End of the Show

I leaned over and gave her a kiss
it blew up in my face
I didn't even know her name
the party was dark and crowded
smoke was pouring out of the kitchen
I was thinking about the price of admission
I was waiting for that knock on the door
feeling like I'd lived through it all before

when Teddy stoop up from the couch
and said, "Maria is killing me
you gotta see her in bloody black leather
she's a goddamn cat in heat
she's the meanest saddest girl
this town has ever sighed about
she only comes out at night
fallen angel under the streetlight
crooked straight she's filthy innocent
I'd rather cut myself than forget about her

oh and the night comes falling
before we're ready to think about it
when the fat crippled lady in the room upstairs
she's tuning up her banjo
and the preacher in the room downstairs
he's slapping on his midnight mascara
the fag bars are opening downtown
the moon is high and yellow

everybody's waiting to find the last drink
the last word to say
the last place to go
the end of the show